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World of Warcraft Arena Season 4

World of Warcraft

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I’ve been waiting for this to happen, and it finally has.  WoW’s season 4 arena gear is out this tuesday.  This also means that season 2 gear is now available for honor.  So anyone thinking about buying a welfare epic soon, it would be best for you to wait until tuesday.

Apparently, the new season 4 armors looks are a bit lackluster, but that’s not really the point of the armor anyway.  The stats are where it all is.  I heard that all sets of the same type will look the same, I.E. all clothies will look the same, rogues and druids will look the same, shamans and hunters will look the same, and paladins and warriors will all look the same.

I don’t think that this was the greatest idea on Blizzard’s part, but I think they are probably focusing more effort towards the new expansion, WotLK.

check out the stats here

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Warsong Gultch Alliance Strategy

So this weekend is the WSG weekend holiday, and I thought I would come up with a strategy for lvl 70 premades. This should work with PUGs too, you just have to get them to listen and cooperate.

So here it goes:

1. Team

2 Holy/Disc Priests

4 Rogues of any spec

1 Warrior/Pally

3 Additional players, doesn’t matter much what they are, preferably more DPS though

2. OK, so now you have your team together, and you need a strategy before you go ahead and queue. That’s where I come in.

WSG strategy

The rogue at the front of the Alliance base is a look-out. He is stealthed, looking for horde to come for the Alliance flag. Once he sees the Horde, he reports it to the defense inside the Alliance base, and runs in to help defend.

The priest, the two rogues, and your other player should now be ready to defend the flag.

Here’s the offense’s strategy:

The Warrior/Pally, the Priest, and the two additional DPS should now follow the black arrow on the left to go into the Horde base. DO NOT USE THE RAMP! Instead, go up past the waterwheel, and drop down off the ledge to grab the flag. The priest should be right behind the Warrior/Pally, giving heals and bubbling when needed. If you have an additional Pally, make sure they cast Blessing of Freedom, as it negates the effects of movement impairing spells for 10 seconds. When you get back to the Alliance base, DO NOT GO THROUGH THE RAMP. Use the hill on the right instead, much quicker, and Horde tend to generally use the ramp instead.

This strategy ONLY works when your team works together, and not separately. Feel free to comment/message me with questions about the strategy.

Anime Alert: Serial Experiments Lain

ABe imagined Lain cutting her own hair and making a ponytail of what was left.

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I was just browsing the internet when I came upon a 13-episode anime called “Serial Experiments Lain“. It is a very deep anime, with much more under the surface than explained outright. I guess it would be classified as a cyberpunk anime, with elements of horror.

Serial Experiments Lain involves a middle school student named Lain Iwakura, the main protagonist of the series. The general plot is VERY hard to describe, as it requires watching and re-watching to fully understand.

The series starts out with one of Lain’s classmates committing suicide after finding that she could move her consciousness to “the wired”, a hyper-advanced form of the internet today. Some of Lain’s other classmates start to receive email from the dead girl, thinking it is a mean prank by someone. Lain’s curiosity is piqued, and she logs on to her “Navi”, which is pretty much a PC. She hasn’t used it in a while, and isn’t very interested in “the wired”, or computers in general. She checks her email and finds that she also has an email from the dead classmate. Lain opens it and the girl talks to her through the email, saying that Lain should join her in the wired, stating that she found a god in it.

I’m not going to ruin the series for you, but this is a very good anime for anyone who likes to philosophize, or just likes a good cyberpunk/horror anime.

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