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House Automation

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, school is about to end and I’ve been busy studying my ass off trying to make a good grade on my End-of-Course tests.

So here is another post that just has a link to some tech news somewhere else ­čśŤ

Funny Post

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last several days, I’ve been busy. Here is a funny blog post I found while just exploring wordpress.
A Brazilian dude has invented a lightbulb that uses no electricity or batteries

Xubuntu Testbed

Right now I’m posting this from my old laptop that I’m going use as a testbed for my programing stuff.┬á I’m just bored right now………………….and had nothing better to do ­čśŤ

C++ Binaries In Linux: A How-To

I have been trying to learn C++ for quite a while now. It has finally started to click with me. I guess I just have to read over the SAME things over and over and over again until I finally understand. I figured out how to use g++, and how to make binaries execute system-wide in Linux.

Now I know these are sort of n00bish discoveries, but to me they really helped in the understanding of the C++ language, and the way Linux works.

I found some resources online for learning C++, and will include them at the end of the post.

Ok, now on to the tutorial:

  1. Write your C++ program.(links at the end of the post will show you how)
  2. compile it by running
  3. g++ /path/of/source/file -o /where/you/want/binary/to/end/up

  4. Step 2 generates a binary at /where/you/want/binary/to/end/up. Of course you change this path to wherever you want your binary to go.
  5. Now that you have your binary generated, name it something meaningful and run this command:
    sudo cp /where/you/want/binary/to/end/up /bin
  6. Step 4 copies your binary to where Linux stores all it’s binaries: /bin

Now you have a binary that you can call from the command line!
call it like this:
It’s that simple, all you have to do is type in the program’s name and it will run. Cool, huh?

Learning C++ Resources:
C++ wikibook

New Mountain Bike Tires

Yesterday my dad got some new kevlar mountain bike tires and some super thick smart tubes from slime. The tubes have the slime in them that stops air leaks by filling in the holes. So far they work great, no noticeable difference in weight or performance. This is a good thing, because I go through a pair of tires about once a week ­čśŤ

Maybe this will get some more life out of my tires.

Super Thick Smart Tubes  Super Thick Smart Tubes

Dragon Drive

I found a new manga I love: Dragon Drive. I was just browsing through, and remembered that there was a preview back in shonen jump a couple of months ago(it might have been years, I can’t really remember since I’ve been reading it for the last 5-6 years or so). At the time of the preview, I didn’t know about manga scans on the internet.

Before I get a million comments about copyright law, (like I’ll really get comments anyway) I realize that reading manga scans on the internet is stealing. But, I have a few good reasons why I read them on the internet: Most manga are not translated into English yet, or I just want to preview before I buy.

I try to buy all manga that I like, even though that is a lot of manga to buy. I read online scans of manga that hasn’t been commercially translated yet, so I can know what’s popular in Japan while it is being translated. Once it is shipped to the US, I try to buy it to support the author.

Anyway, after that rant about copyrights, I’m back on topic. Dragon Drive is about a middle school student named Reiji Ozora who fantasizes about being the protagonist in a video game. Soon he meets Maiko Yukino who shows him the virtual-reality game Dragon Drive where he gets his own dragon that fights other people’s dragons in the game.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll end the summary there.
Read it at, it’s really good.

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First Vlog

My name on Youtube is greyash99, but my name here is Ethald.

Update On My Twitter Views

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Image via Wikipedia

Ok, I’ve recently given Twitter another shot.┬á I found that it IS a cool service, even if I think it isn’t the newest innovation to come about since “Web 2.0” became a buzzword for all the techies.┬á I actually like that I can see what my friends are doing whenever, even if it is as meaningless as what they had for dinner, or what t.v. show they’re watching.┬á It’s a kinda nice idea, I have to admit.┬á It would be better if I had more followers, or people to follow ­čśÇ

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Google Assists In Arrest Of Indian Man

Wow………What have we come to now?  Google has helped arrest a man from India who posted something vulgar about an Indian politician or god………different sources say one or the other…..but anyway, FREEDOM OF SPEECH??????
What happened to google’s motto: “Do no evil”?
Here’s the article on slashdot:

An anonymous reader writes “After a Google user posted a profane picture of the Hindu saint Shivaji, Indian authorities contacted Google to ask for his IP address. Google complied. He was arrested and is reported to have been beaten by a lathi and asked to use the same bowl to eat and to use in the toilet. Not surprisingly, Google is a keen to play this down as Yahoo is being hauled over the coals by US Congress for handing over an IP addresses and emails to the Chinese Government which resulted in a Chinese democracy activist being jailed.” Readers are noting that these are 2 unrelated cases ÔÇö the latter is several months old.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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