This blog, and something else

I can’t decide whether or not to continue this blog, I barely ever update, and when I do it seems that the topic has switched to something else. I think I’ll finally get to updating at least once a week, with anything that I find interesting, I suppose.
Today I think that topic is BSD. I recently grew tired of windows yet again, and wanted an OS that I’ve never used before, and since I’ve tasted a few flavors of linux, I figure its time to try something new. BSD shouldn’t be too different from linux, as they both came from unix. I’ve already installed pc-BSD on my laptop, which I use as a test bed for anything that could potentially brick my desktop. Don’t think me wasteful, this laptop is 6+ years old, so I’m not wasting a perfectly good laptop. Most of its ports no longer work, wired or wireless ethernet, nor usb or firewire. Luckily, the optical and hard drives both work. I installed it flawlessly, with BSD auto detecting all of my hardware except for PCMCIA wireless card, which I did have working under windows, and at one point with ubuntu GNU/linux. I booted up, and was greeted by a customized KDE desktop. I was glad to find it very user-friendly, an almost Mac-like experience. I think that with an easy to use UI like that, a day to day computer user could transition from windows to an alternative. Next post should be from my desktop on BSD, wish me luck!


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