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WoW Account Hacked

This morning, I attempted to log into wow and check my mail and auctions.  I was surprised to see that I couldn’t log in, and that I also couldn’t access my email account either.  Apparently someone had installed a keylogger on my computer, and stole my account password.  This taught me a bit about security, as I was using the same easy password on almost all of my accounts.  This person claimed my Gmail, WoW, Steam, and tried to claim my Paypal accounts.  I did manage to get it all back, except for my steam account that I’ve easily put $200 into.  I guess that’s what I get for using an easy password, and not doing regular virus scans >.<


Wow economics

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Before I truly get started blogging about the wow economy, I have I mention a few other wow economic blogs before I start, and These two blogs are what got me started in the world of wow economics. They showed me that it was possible to make insane amounts of gold just by utilizing the AH and your tradeskills. Gevlon, the writer of the first blog, posts mainly about his business vetures, and his personal philosophies regarding economics. Marcko, the writer of the second blog, focuses more on tips to helping the budding auctioneer make a few gold. I suggest subscribing to both, both blogs have quite a bit to teach about the way the wow economy works.

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It sure has been a while…

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Alright, so it’s been quite a while since my last post, I’ve been busy for the past year with school, friends, work, etc.  I plan to add a new type of post: WoW Economy Updates.  This sort of post will be about my capitalist adventures in Azeroth, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes on what to do in WoW to make a bit of gold.

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