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I’m getting tired of summer, need more structure.


Giving Eve Online a shot, and taking a break from WoW

As the title says, I’m thinking of moving on to other mmo’s. I’m just tired of WoW, having done mostly everything the game currently has to offer. I think once patch 3.2 comes out I’ll try the new content, but if its no good, I think I’ll be done with WoW for a while.

BSOD plagues my Windows install, stuck in Arch Linux for a while (not really a bad thing)

My Windows install starts giving me BSOD’s at startup, I think it had something to do with me trying to install drivers for my ps3 controller >.<

Also, I hope to update my old list of top 5 manga of all time, and maybe add a bit, such as anime (with one caveat, no anime based on manga is to be on this list)

Arch Linux

So in my last post I said that I would be using BSD as my OS of choice, and it turns out that it wasn’t to be.  I tried serveral different BSD distros without any luck, some install but I could not configure my network no matter how hard I tried, and others wouldn’t even boot.  So, after this unexpected failure, I decided to try another flavor of linux, namely Arch Linux.  This distro is optimized for 64 processors, and doesn’t even have a 32-bit version.  It is said to be very light-weight, and hides nothing from the user, having all the system processes transparent.  I think of myself as a bit of a poweruser, so I figured I could handle it.  So I downloaded the .iso, burned it on 1x speed so my optical drive didn’t screw me over at the vital step, and the rebooted and started the install process.  It wasn’t a difficult process, and after about 30-40 minutes I had an Arch Linux system installed.  Since this is a very customizable distro, it comes without a gui, leaving the user a choice of which desktop environment/window manager they wish to use (if any).

I did expect this, as while I was downloading the .iso, I started to read the documentation.  Arch Linux is VERY well documented, with a wiki and a few noobie starter guides, telling you exactly what to do, and some common tasks once you have a system installed.  Here is where I hit a few problems.

I’m not completely lost without a gui, but I’m no expert, being born after computers had had guis for a while gave me a bit of a handicap to overcome, but having a bit of experience with linux I did know my way around the command line.  One of the first steps they recommend doing after finishing your install is:

#pacman -Syu

This gave me a bit of troube, I got an error saying something about a resolving error.  Again, I checked my noobie install guide (I’d printed it out before I started, just in case) and also made sure I could ping my router.  I couldn’t and had to edit my /etc/rc.conf file, because my router’s IP is, instead of the default  I changed that, and uncommented the gateway part, and tried to ping my router.  This time I found that I could, but I could not ping anything without an IP address, I could ping google’s IP, but wouldn’t resolve to anything.

I then remembered that I had set my router to be using OpenDNS, and put their DNS servers into my /etc/hosts file.  Finally, I could install packages and ping websites using their domain names.  I only had one remaining problem, downloading packages took forever, averaging about 50 Kbps, and I have a T1 connection.  I checked the excellent Arch Linux documentation, and found on the forums that the default mirror had been throttled >.<

Finally after commenting all the slow mirrors using trial and error, I found one that worked well for me.

Now I could install my gui following the noobie guide instructions 😀

This post was made on my new Arch Linux system, and I’m using KDE flawlessly.

This blog, and something else

I can’t decide whether or not to continue this blog, I barely ever update, and when I do it seems that the topic has switched to something else. I think I’ll finally get to updating at least once a week, with anything that I find interesting, I suppose.
Today I think that topic is BSD. I recently grew tired of windows yet again, and wanted an OS that I’ve never used before, and since I’ve tasted a few flavors of linux, I figure its time to try something new. BSD shouldn’t be too different from linux, as they both came from unix. I’ve already installed pc-BSD on my laptop, which I use as a test bed for anything that could potentially brick my desktop. Don’t think me wasteful, this laptop is 6+ years old, so I’m not wasting a perfectly good laptop. Most of its ports no longer work, wired or wireless ethernet, nor usb or firewire. Luckily, the optical and hard drives both work. I installed it flawlessly, with BSD auto detecting all of my hardware except for PCMCIA wireless card, which I did have working under windows, and at one point with ubuntu GNU/linux. I booted up, and was greeted by a customized KDE desktop. I was glad to find it very user-friendly, an almost Mac-like experience. I think that with an easy to use UI like that, a day to day computer user could transition from windows to an alternative. Next post should be from my desktop on BSD, wish me luck!

WoW Account Hacked

This morning, I attempted to log into wow and check my mail and auctions.  I was surprised to see that I couldn’t log in, and that I also couldn’t access my email account either.  Apparently someone had installed a keylogger on my computer, and stole my account password.  This taught me a bit about security, as I was using the same easy password on almost all of my accounts.  This person claimed my Gmail, WoW, Steam, and tried to claim my Paypal accounts.  I did manage to get it all back, except for my steam account that I’ve easily put $200 into.  I guess that’s what I get for using an easy password, and not doing regular virus scans >.<

Wow economics

The supply and demand model describes how pric...
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Before I truly get started blogging about the wow economy, I have I mention a few other wow economic blogs before I start, and These two blogs are what got me started in the world of wow economics. They showed me that it was possible to make insane amounts of gold just by utilizing the AH and your tradeskills. Gevlon, the writer of the first blog, posts mainly about his business vetures, and his personal philosophies regarding economics. Marcko, the writer of the second blog, focuses more on tips to helping the budding auctioneer make a few gold. I suggest subscribing to both, both blogs have quite a bit to teach about the way the wow economy works.

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It sure has been a while…

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Alright, so it’s been quite a while since my last post, I’ve been busy for the past year with school, friends, work, etc.  I plan to add a new type of post: WoW Economy Updates.  This sort of post will be about my capitalist adventures in Azeroth, and hopefully you can learn from my mistakes on what to do in WoW to make a bit of gold.

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Warsong Gultch Alliance Strategy

So this weekend is the WSG weekend holiday, and I thought I would come up with a strategy for lvl 70 premades. This should work with PUGs too, you just have to get them to listen and cooperate.

So here it goes:

1. Team

2 Holy/Disc Priests

4 Rogues of any spec

1 Warrior/Pally

3 Additional players, doesn’t matter much what they are, preferably more DPS though

2. OK, so now you have your team together, and you need a strategy before you go ahead and queue. That’s where I come in.

WSG strategy

The rogue at the front of the Alliance base is a look-out. He is stealthed, looking for horde to come for the Alliance flag. Once he sees the Horde, he reports it to the defense inside the Alliance base, and runs in to help defend.

The priest, the two rogues, and your other player should now be ready to defend the flag.

Here’s the offense’s strategy:

The Warrior/Pally, the Priest, and the two additional DPS should now follow the black arrow on the left to go into the Horde base. DO NOT USE THE RAMP! Instead, go up past the waterwheel, and drop down off the ledge to grab the flag. The priest should be right behind the Warrior/Pally, giving heals and bubbling when needed. If you have an additional Pally, make sure they cast Blessing of Freedom, as it negates the effects of movement impairing spells for 10 seconds. When you get back to the Alliance base, DO NOT GO THROUGH THE RAMP. Use the hill on the right instead, much quicker, and Horde tend to generally use the ramp instead.

This strategy ONLY works when your team works together, and not separately. Feel free to comment/message me with questions about the strategy.

Anime Alert: Serial Experiments Lain

ABe imagined Lain cutting her own hair and making a ponytail of what was left.

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I was just browsing the internet when I came upon a 13-episode anime called “Serial Experiments Lain“. It is a very deep anime, with much more under the surface than explained outright. I guess it would be classified as a cyberpunk anime, with elements of horror.

Serial Experiments Lain involves a middle school student named Lain Iwakura, the main protagonist of the series. The general plot is VERY hard to describe, as it requires watching and re-watching to fully understand.

The series starts out with one of Lain’s classmates committing suicide after finding that she could move her consciousness to “the wired”, a hyper-advanced form of the internet today. Some of Lain’s other classmates start to receive email from the dead girl, thinking it is a mean prank by someone. Lain’s curiosity is piqued, and she logs on to her “Navi”, which is pretty much a PC. She hasn’t used it in a while, and isn’t very interested in “the wired”, or computers in general. She checks her email and finds that she also has an email from the dead classmate. Lain opens it and the girl talks to her through the email, saying that Lain should join her in the wired, stating that she found a god in it.

I’m not going to ruin the series for you, but this is a very good anime for anyone who likes to philosophize, or just likes a good cyberpunk/horror anime.

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