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Update On My Twitter Views

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Ok, I’ve recently given Twitter another shot.  I found that it IS a cool service, even if I think it isn’t the newest innovation to come about since “Web 2.0” became a buzzword for all the techies.  I actually like that I can see what my friends are doing whenever, even if it is as meaningless as what they had for dinner, or what t.v. show they’re watching.  It’s a kinda nice idea, I have to admit.  It would be better if I had more followers, or people to follow 😀

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Flock:Firefox has Forked

I know I’m a little behind the curve on this one, but I recently discovered that my favorite web browser firefox had been forked. For those of you who don’t know what that means, forking is when an open-source program is modified enough to be called it’s own new program.

Firefox’s new fork is called Flock It is definately part of the new “Web 2.0” everyone is talking about, because it is a social browser. That means that it has features from a lot of the newest and greatest Web 2.0 apps built right into it. For example, I can be on Myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter, (even though I still find it to be an odd service) and many others.

Using Flock is really like experiencing Firefox for the first time, after a lifetime of using IE; a breath of fresh air. It integrates email, social networking, social bookmarks, the stability and speed of Firefox, and it is cross-platform.

Give it a try, you might like it 😀

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I just found out about the COOLEST web 2.0 app I’ve seen in a while: NoteSake.  It lets you enter in your notes from your classes, and sort, edit, and search them.  It also lets you collaborate between classmates, and share notes with them.  Now you never have an excuse for not studying!  My previous excuse was that I couldn’t read my own handwriting 😛

Here is a link to their site, try it out!

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