My Philosophies

I have several philosophies when dealing with copyright and other laws. I truly abhor proprietary licenses, like those often attributed with certain software. I can respect that copyrights give the owner of the intellectual properties more protection, but I think that they are too restrictive. I like coding, and think that Microsoft should make available their source code to the public. Most people wouldn’t really care, but those like me would greatly appreciate it. We could look at how their code fits together, and work to improve it by collaboration, instead of by a corporation. Microsoft still owns some of the rights to their code, but they don’t hide it away in some secret and dark chamber.

After all that ranting, I have to say that the Creative Commons license is a much better version of the current copyright laws. It allows the owner of the property to share it with others, to improve upon the property itself, and not worry about who owns it. It has many more options than a standard copyright.

Creative Commons is great for movies, picture, music and writings, but what about software and source code? For this type of intellectual property, the GPL (Gnu Public License) works much better. It allows you to sell your program, or charge for the service of providing it on a physical medium, but requires you to make the source code for the program available, or included with the physical medium. It also says that any derivatives must also be licensed under the GPL or another compatible license. This prevents someone from stealing another person’s code and claiming that it was always their code. This is a much less restrictive license than the one Microsoft is currently using, and would still allow them to make money off of their products.

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