Dragon Drive

I found a new manga I love: Dragon Drive. I was just browsing through onemanga.com, and remembered that there was a preview back in shonen jump a couple of months ago(it might have been years, I can’t really remember since I’ve been reading it for the last 5-6 years or so). At the time of the preview, I didn’t know about manga scans on the internet.

Before I get a million comments about copyright law, (like I’ll really get comments anyway) I realize that reading manga scans on the internet is stealing. But, I have a few good reasons why I read them on the internet: Most manga are not translated into English yet, or I just want to preview before I buy.

I try to buy all manga that I like, even though that is a lot of manga to buy. I read online scans of manga that hasn’t been commercially translated yet, so I can know what’s popular in Japan while it is being translated. Once it is shipped to the US, I try to buy it to support the author.

Anyway, after that rant about copyrights, I’m back on topic. Dragon Drive is about a middle school student named Reiji Ozora who fantasizes about being the protagonist in a video game. Soon he meets Maiko Yukino who shows him the virtual-reality game Dragon Drive where he gets his own dragon that fights other people’s dragons in the game.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll end the summary there.
Read it at onemanga.com, it’s really good.

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  1. manga scans Said:

    […] of months agoit might have been years, I can??t really remember since I??ve been reading it for thttps://ethald.wordpress.com/2008/05/20/dragon-drive/Bleach 315 Raw Download Full Scan ImageConsideration!!! Scan manga bleach 315 underneath dark gray […]

  2. dinoggler Said:

    I really enjoy Dragon Drive, and I didn’t think anyone else read it! My other favorite manga is D. Gray-Man…check it out.

  3. Ariel Said:

    Hi Ethald,

    You have a wonderful blog here and I noticed you have a onemanga link. May i introduce you to to http://www.9panels.com. We are just starting out 🙂

    Sorry if this was the wrong place to post it.


    • ethald Said:

      Just checked that site out, loved it!

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