Google Assists In Arrest Of Indian Man

Wow………What have we come to now?  Google has helped arrest a man from India who posted something vulgar about an Indian politician or god………different sources say one or the other…..but anyway, FREEDOM OF SPEECH??????
What happened to google’s motto: “Do no evil”?
Here’s the article on slashdot:

An anonymous reader writes “After a Google user posted a profane picture of the Hindu saint Shivaji, Indian authorities contacted Google to ask for his IP address. Google complied. He was arrested and is reported to have been beaten by a lathi and asked to use the same bowl to eat and to use in the toilet. Not surprisingly, Google is a keen to play this down as Yahoo is being hauled over the coals by US Congress for handing over an IP addresses and emails to the Chinese Government which resulted in a Chinese democracy activist being jailed.” Readers are noting that these are 2 unrelated cases — the latter is several months old.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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