My Views on Twitter

To me, Twitter has very little value. The devs act like they came up with something COMPLETELY new, and talk like it is brand new. All Twitter is is a website-based, slow, overly-protected IRC channel. I’ll give them credit for enabling you to use your cellphone to post new “tweets”, but it really isn’t as great as some people think it is. IRC has been around for years, enabling people to talk to multiple others at the same time. All in real time. Twitter is more of a novelty to me, it doesn’t allow you to make a post longer than 140 characters. There isn’t much that you can express in only 140 characters. Sure, there is the story of a man using Twitter to get out of jail by “tweeting” his online buddies, but I really think that this story is over-hyped. It IS a nice story, but since he used his cell, couldn’t he have sent a text message, called someone, or something else? It would have achieved the same effect.

I find that Twitter thinks itself a wonderful new invention, that has never been thought of before. It really isn’t using new technology at all, so I don’t think it should have the priveledge of hyping itself so much. Many other applications like it, or better than it(IMO) exist and have existed for much longer.

So Twitter, stop pretending to be a new innovation!
(And if you’re wondering, my twitter username is Ethald, maybe I’ll change my mind about twitter if I have more people to follow)



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