Advantages and Disadvantages of Flickr

First off, I would like to start with the fact that I think Flickr is a great service, it just needs some improvements.

  1. Basic account is free.
  2. Cool social sort-of-thing
  3. Lots of websites support Flickr integration
  4. Lots of cool features, like geotagging, what model of camera took a photo, and more of the like.
  5. Uses Creative Commons licensing


  1. Only 100 megabytes a month for a free account.
  2. Videos are only for paying members.
  3. Subject to being taken down for “questionable content”.
  4. The developers didn’t know how to spell “Flicker”.

Really, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages(there were a lot more advantages to list, I just wanted to rant about the bad stuff:P).

Flickr really is a good service, and I think because of that, everyone should try it(100 megs per month is pretty good for a part-time blogger like myself :D).


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