Top 5 Manga of All Time

Here’s my list of the top 5 best manga ever written(All pictures are from the series’ anime):

  1. Dragonball/Dragonball Z-Akira Toriyama

Fighting Manga
The main reason I have DB as the #1 all-time best manga ever written is because of its great storyline, amazing characters, and the great action it has. It was written from 1984 to 1995. It consisted of 42 volumes. You should definitely pick up this series, or read some scans on the internet 😛

2. Death Note-Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

Mystery/Supernatural Manga

Death Note is definitively the best horror/mystery/supernatural manga ever. It involves a notebook that when someone’s name is written in it, that person will die. It was in Weekly Shonen Jump from 2003 to 2006. This manga has an amazing plot twist at the end, so it is a MUST READ for anyone who likes manga.

3.Inuyasha-Rumiko Takahashi

Fighting/Adventure Manga
Inuyasha takes the cake for a magical adventure manga. The great story, characters, and setting make it the perfect addition to your collection. It is mainly about the half-demon Inuyasha, and his adventures with his compatriots.

4. Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo-Yoshio Sawai

Comedy Manga
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo,(abbreviated Bo-bobo) is the best comedy manga available. Period. You don’t get much better than this. This manga is about the adventures of Bo-bobo and his friends fighting evil and making NO sense at all. Written from 2001 to 2005, it is the king of comedy manga.

5. FLCL-Hajime Ueda

Comedy/Action Manga
FLCL(Fooly Cooly) Is the penultimate of random, nonsensicall plots and the generic fighting robot. This is a very short manga, only 2 volumes in length, but that doesn’t make it not worth reading. There really is NO plot to describe, as everything is mostly a random occurance. It was written from 2000 to 2001.



  1. Zak Said:

    Dude, read some REAL mangas before making a list like that. I’m gonna have to assume you’ve never read Berserk, Gantz, Elfen Lied, or Akira. Srsly, there are way better mangas than the ones on your list. Just the fact that everything on there is Shounen tells me something about you. But props to you for not putting Naruto or Bleach on that list. I can see your smart and have pretty good taste, you just don’t have enough wisdom when it comes to manga.

  2. Lynsea Said:

    hey Zak,
    why don’t you shut up. apparently you don’t have any wisdom when it comes to accepting people’s diverse opinions. so grow up a little and realize that this list doesn’t set in stone or determine what your, my or anyone else’s top list has to look like.
    the most well-known manga (such as DBZ and Inuyasha) are on some people’s top list for an obvious reason. they’re well-known, a lot of people like them, they’re good.

  3. kakarott Said:

    yeah dude, i am a fan of dragon ball too. it is undoubtly the best & most popular manga of all time. i like the storyline best, as dragon ball did not show that the main character, goku, as the strongest person. instead there is always better than him, which make the story become more interesting, since goku cant win alone, he must get others help (even the weak mr satan is very useful when it come on fighting bhu). i hope the writer cr8 another series of dragon ball
    i don’t think even naruto or bleach can bested dragon ball, coz their stories quite standard, where the main character become stronger and stronger until he win on fight one on one. sriously it is boring and sometimes i want it to end quickly…

  4. kh Said:

    What zac said did make some sense. I mean, I’m sure you really like reading manga and all that and things like death note and Inuyasha, I really like too but there are a lot of great manga out there that can be put on that list too. ^^

  5. L Said:

    Dragonball is so fail Lol Goku takes like 3 episodes to throw a spirit bomb and it MISSES! In my opinion, MY Opinion, Dragonball fights are too dragged out and the art is just average, but it is a nostalgic series. Pretty much I only agree with Death Note being on there xD And I think Code Geass should deserve a place Lol, especially if you liked Death Note..

  6. Gabb Said:

    People. This is all a question of taste, everyone likes a different animé/manga, for different reasons. For example, i like inuyasha, death note, chobits, nana and other very commercial mangás, and i havent had time to read some non-commercial mangas, though i want to. But, the anime that touched me the most was Saber Marionettes and there isn’t many people that know about it. The thing is, it teached me something and i really think the story is good, though i’m not a pro or anything. I personaly don’t like Naruto and i’m 14. I think the caracters design is crappy and the story is boring, but it’s my personal opinion. And i think Naruto’s has so much “fans” because it became like a “must-see-if you-wanna-be-cool” at least here in Portugal.

    well, thats my opinion.

  7. Nikolai Said:

    L, this is the top mangas not animes. FYI mangas don’t have episodes.
    One if my favorite mangas of all time is Ichigo 100%. In the very end when *ahem* toujou *ahem ahem* I was ready to send a letter to the author screaming in a self-righteous anger. It was the most emotionally stirring manga I have ever read. In my opinion.
    Of course. Doubt, as the second most emotionally stirring manga that I have read is….evil.

    • Azn kid Said:

      Zak… Bleah? are you freaking serious, it’s became such a piece of shit. I’m Asian and I grew up reading Japanese mangas since 1993, undoubtedly Dragon Ball should be on the list. It was the best at its time and it seriously revolutionized the entire Japanese manga culture. Naruto and all those other modern big hit mangas are very popular, but they are just simply mainstream fighting mangas and should not be considered best of all times simply because of its popularity. I love Slam Dunk! : D

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