What I Would Do If I Were President

If I were elected the president, I would definately try to fix some of the fuck-ups contributed by our previous one.  I would pull us out of Iraq immediately, we had no business there anyway.  I would try and change the public school system, mainly it’s lack of funding.  We need everything in public schools to be more standardized, and less of a difference inbetween schools.  I would also get rid of that “teaching alternatives to evolution” in science classes.  Our constitution states that there is a separation of church and state, so religion should NOT be a mandatory class in public schools.  I don’t mind if they offer religion as an elective or other optional class, it just can’t be something that is made mandatory.  I respect that some people have differing beliefs from me, but YOU WILL NOT force religion down the throats of children, when they are not capable of making a more informed decision.

Now back to my original topic, what changes I would make as president.  Another thing I would promote would be the use of the metric system.  I think that metrics make MUCH more sense, seeing as they are base 10, instead of base 12, 36, 5280, or whatever.

As president, I would try to pass a bill so that some of your tax money would go to developing countries, so they would think a bit more kindly to us 😛

One last suggestion: I would promote unity, equality, and tolerance.  With the influx of immigrants, I think that we should try and respect immigrants; think about it, the first white people in North America were immigrants, and look what they did to the natives.


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