A Day in the Life of a Sophmore

This is a day in the life of a sophmore at Laney High School.

I woke up around 6:30, pressed the snooze button until it almost broke, then got up and dressed myself.  I then proceded to put in my contacts and put on deodorant.  I was still half-asleep when I then walked down the stairs to get breakfast.


I peered into the refridgerator, hoping to find a coke or some other soda.  What I found instead was tea, bottled water, and raspberry flavored water.  I took a bottled water and shuffled over to the pantry, looking for a protein bar, or something remotely edible.  I did find my protein bar, and sat down to eat. (Skipping more boring stuff, I thought that the description of my breakfast was boring enough :P)

I tell my dad goodbye, and walk out the door singing along to my ipod.  I get to the bus stop roughly three minutes later, and say hello to my peers, who are also barely awake at this god-forsaken hour of seven o clock.  The bus comes after I make smalltalk with the people I’ve known for a long time, just never really bothered to get to know them better.

Walking to the back of the bus, I sit down and wait for another day of Hell to start.

my bus driver

^Mrs. Wendy, my bus driver

I again make smalltalk with the other people I barely know, realising that some of them are actually people I would really like to get to know better(not mentioning names, don’t want anyone to feel bad).

When I finally arrived at hell, I went to go hang out with my friends before the bell rang.  We had the typical conversation of “Did you do your math homework?”, or “Whatsername is pretty hot!”.  The bell then rang and we shauntered on to class.

My first class of the day is Honors English, and it is one of the main reasons I call school “Hell”.  My teacher is a blimp, I don’t think she ever saw food that she didn’t like.  We are currently working on a research paper about the holocaust; we read a book about the holocaust and now we’re doing several projects based on it.

After I had made it through the first quarter of Hell, I went to the second and most dreaded part of Hell I visit daily: Honors Chemistry.

Chemistry is the worst part of Hell because it makes absolutely NO sense to me at all, and the subject is about as dry as the sahara.  It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Once the 90 minutes of Chemistry had passed( I don’t really recall as to WHAT we did in Chemistry, I was patially asleep) I went to go grab a snack before the third part of Hell.

The third quarter of Hell actually isn’t Hell at all, it is really a reprieve from Hell.  What I’m talking about is Digital Video Productions.  I have an amazing teacher, really nice guy AND he knows the subject he teaches 😛  Right now we are working on a commercial for a product we made up.


Here is a picture of the classroom, I had to take it stealthfully so I wouldn’t get my camera taken away.

The one bad part about my third class of the day is the amazingly annonying super Jesus.  I’m not a religious guy, I’m agnostic, but I can respect other’s faith.  The thing about super Jesus that I don’t like is that he is ALWAYS trying to convert people, it is a huge pain in the ass.

Super Jesus

Super Jesus is the one on the left, The one in the middle is somewhat like Super Jesus, but not quite as bad.

Now my group decides that for our commercial, we should make guitars out of cardboard for a commercial for a REAL guitar.  I had no idea where they were going with that idea, maybe just to waste time in third block.

Now I have wasted 1.5 hours cutting cardboard, so it is lunch time.

At lunch, I get stuck behind someone who can’t count………she put fourty-five cents in the vending machine, when what she purchased was only thirty!  Not only that, but she took about 7-8 minutes to do it!  Wasting my time.

Lunch was concluded with no other odd occurances, so I’ll move on to the final stage in Hell.

Hell’s final stage is Technical Drafting.  Boring.  All we do is draw parts on AutoCAD.  At least it’s easy.

That was a day in the life of a sophmore!


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  1. Help with Chemistry…

    The specific heat of H2O(l) is approximately constant at 4.18 J/g*C….

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