I’m quite sure that no one will read this, but I’m going to post it anyway. I love to play guitar. I have a Gibson SG ’61 Reissue guitar, a 50 watt peavey classic amp, and my favorite strings are the coated elixirs. I play mostly rock and metal, but can play in other styles. My dad also plays, he has played for about 30-35 years. I’m still better than him though :). My favorite band is Pink Floyd, and I love to try and play their music. Some of it is challenging, but most of it is pretty easy. That isn’t the point though. Making music that is hard to play takes second seat to music that just sounds good. That is normally the case with Pink Floyd. I’ve been in a couple bands, but none of them ever went far. Who ever gets far making music anyway? It’s just a select few that make it in the music business, and there are lots that try. One thing I hate about talking to people about guitar is the fact that they ALWAYS bring the video game Guitar Hero into the conversation. I can’t stand that. Those people should learn to play a real instrument. They always say, “I play Guitar Hero, so I know how to play guitar!”. South Park had it right when they said, “You Are Fags!!!” to people that play Guitar Hero. I just ran out of stuff to write, so subscribe to my feed because next time I talk about my feelings on religion!
Same Model I have


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